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Contact a reliable and trustworthy immigration agency because it is your future and ultimately your destiny that is at stake! The whole point of the process is to ensure that the immigration case is handled and filed in a professional manner and that the client can hold the agency accountable for the work done. Attorneys and agencies without a moral compass take no responsibility for their work and blame the immigration system for any setbacks and misunderstandings. Corner offices and ghost agencies disappear without consequence, leaving clients with their cases and problems. For more details, click on Important information.

Realistic U.S. immigration options

"It all started with a thought, a wish, a hope or a dream." - Brian Tracy  

Many people contact our office asking how they, as ordinary people, can immigrate to the United States, or what practical ways to immigrate to the United States actually work and are relatively quick. There is a lot of misleading information in this area, which is also present in social media on the subject of "American Immigration". There are many theories and a lot of information online, but they do not really give a clear starting point and guidance for individuals on where to start or what to do if they want to immigrate to U.S. For more details, click on Realistic options

Absences from the United States impact eligibility for U.S. citizenship

You must have a certain amount of physical presence and continuous residence in the United States to be eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship. For more details, click on Absences from the United States.

Don't Lose Your Green Card Due to Absence from the U.S.

Typically, the biggest hurdle is when you actually return to the United States and interact with a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer. The officer who greets you will ask questions to determine if you have abandoned your permanent residence if you took a trip for more than six months, and you really have some explaining to do if your trip lasted more than a year. The CBP officer will look at the reason for your trip, how long you intended to be gone, and what caused you to be gone so long. You can also abandon your permanent residence by taking multiple trips, no matter how long, if you don't really spend much time in the United States overall. For more details, click on Don't Lose Your Green Card Due to Long Absence from the U.S.

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