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Contacting a reliable and trustworthy immigration agency is THE MOST important thing one can do, because your future and ultimately your destiny that is at stake! The whole point of the process is to ensure that the immigration case is handled and filed in a professional manner and that the client can hold the agency accountable for the work done. Attorneys and agencies without a moral compass take no responsibility for their work and blame the immigration system for any setbacks and misunderstandings. Corner offices and ghost agencies disappear without consequence, leaving clients with their cases and problems.

United States immigration has become a lucrative industry for some! 

Unfortunately, many law firms and immigration agencies in the United States have also made a habit of ripping off bona fide clients. They charge excessive amounts of money for standard immigration services and overcharge their clients. Going to a lawyer with your immigration case is no guarantee of anything if the lawyer is unethical and acts without integrity and professional fairness! Misunderstandings and mistakes can happen in immigration matters, but here we are talking about intentional ones! In essence, they tell professional half-truths, exaggerate, make the immigration case look easy, give clients false hope, or intentionally lie about how long the case will take to process. They say what the client wants to hear! They file and submit the client's case (investment, employment, etc.) to the USCIS even if the client does not meet the minimum criteria set by the USCIS. They know in advance that the case is doomed to fail. They take maximum advantage of people's natural desire to immigrate to the U.S. and obtain permanent resident status! Their bottom line is: The client always pays!   

The U.S. immigration system has become big business. Unethical and immoral professionals are wreaking havoc on immigrants!  

Filing a false, meritless, or fraudulent case not only costs the individual financially and time, but can negatively impact their ability to stay in the U.S. or immigrate. Many opportunistic agencies do not take responsibility for their work, they blame the client or start the explanation game by pointing fingers. In most cases, the shady corner agencies disappear after a while (1-2 years) to start their fraudulent activities under a different name. In recent years, shady lawyers, dubious corner agencies and scam artists have mushroomed in almost every state in the U.S. They start handling and filing all kinds of immigration cases (employment-based, investment-based, etc.) to unsuspecting, gullible and naive individuals. The problem is that although they appear credible at first glance (like Wall Street's "Bernie Madoff"), everything is coated with a professional glaze, but everything is done in a sloppy and incomplete manner, resulting in the case being stalled or denied.

In many cases, the blind lead the blind and the one-eyed man is king!

Get informed, ask questions, do your research, and do not let yourself be scammed or defrauded! Every year, the number of unethical law firms, ghost agencies, and scam artists grows like a mushroom cloud. They take advantage of the USCIS' slow case processing and the client's lack of vigilance. As the client's questions multiply (the scam becomes obvious to everyone), they take no responsibility, blame the client for not understanding and/or misinterpreting, or in many cases, simply do nothing and move on to scamming other clients. Their tactic is to milk, use and abuse the system. Do not fall victim to unscrupulous lawyers, shady agencies and scammers!

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